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At Rubyz Day Spa, we understand that in today's hectic schedule of our nerve-racking world, Massage becomes a necessity, whether it is affordable or not. It is a tool to enhance physical health and a way to achieve psychological balance and improve your state of mind. At the same time taking care of your skin is also essential with the right treatment, a combination of care practices and product selection. That is why we are introducing SKIN AND BODY WELLNESS SERIES, a monthly membership plan that allows you to enjoy both Massage Therapy and Skin Care on a regular basis at a very affordable price.
Regular Swedish Massage $75 / 1 hour
Series of 4 $49 each $196 Saving ($104)
Series of 8 $45 each $360 Saving ($240)
Series of 12 $40 each $480 Saving ($420)
Customized Facial $125 / 1 hour
Series of 3 $100 each $300 Saving ($75)
Series of 6 $90 each $540 Saving ($210)
Series of 9 $85 each $765 Saving ($360)
We welcome both members and non-members to enjoy our services and offering one-hour Massage to the first time guests for only $39! You can purchase our series with 4, 8 and 12 packages and can use these packages as per your convenience whether you use it biweekly or monthly, they will not expire until you completely use the whole series. If you purchase any of the packages from our offered series, one person from your family or friend will get the first Massage Session for only $39. Note: All Packages & Series sales are final and non refundable but transferable to any other person from friends or family. Yearly membership fee of $ 39.99 may apply on all sales.
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