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Body Wraps are designed to cleanse the body of toxins aiding the body's natural process to break down hard fat and tighten the skin. A special blend of herbs and rich minerals penetrate through the millions of pores of your skin breaking down and shrinking unwanted fatty cells, smoothing out the appearance of cellulite, and detoxifying your skin. All body wraps your largest living and breathing organ from head to toe

Herbal Wrap
50 Minutes $70
Seaweed Body Wrap
50 Minutes $70
Purifying Detox Body Wrap
60 Minutes $120
Anti-Aging Perfecting Wrap
80 Minutes $135
Parafango Therapy
50 Minutes $130
Pumpkin Cream Body Wrap
50 Minutes $85
Mango Enzyme Body Wrap
50 Minutes $85
Chocolate Body Wrap
50 Minutes $95
Body Wrap Add-Ons

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